GameMaker MIPS Edition

Creating computer games or virtual world has never been as easy as today. Both people who professionally deal with the creation of computer games and those who are just starting this kind of „fun”, can easily create their own world.

All you need is the right computer program. One of them is GameMaker MIPS Edition. This application allows to design computer games and is dedicated even to those who do not know any programming principles and are not advanced programmers. Importantly, GameMaker MIPS Edition can create different types of projects that can later be used in Windows and PlayStation environment.

Using GameMaker MIPS Edition

Anyone who has installed GameMaker MIPS Edition, gets at his disposal a lot of ready-made features that help in the creation of various elements of the game. Beginner programmers can begin designing the game using only ready to use components. They can select and place the elements at selected locations using „drag-and-drop” method. These ready-made elements includes among others furniture, weapons, choice of opponents etc.

But the main part of the program however, requires the users to use their imagination and create the world according to their own discretion. So we are able to design almost from the ground up our own world, starting from the rooms, through the characters, furniture, stairs, etc. The program interface is very simple and no one should have problems while using the application. In addition, the GameMaker Language is built in the game, which makes the operation much easier, especially because it gives us great control over matters related to physics, individual objects, etc.

Pros and cons of GameMaker MIPS Edition

Certainly, GameMaker MIPS Edition program is extremely simple and easy to use. This is why so many people, and regardless of the level of advancement in programming, is using this application. With clear, although quite highly developed, interface anyone can figure out what to do in the next phase of our game. Each user gets a lot of ready-made items to choose from, which can be easily „dragged” into our world. Many actions in this program are „performed” automatically, which greatly facilitates the work especially to those less advanced in programming. The company who created the tool offers quite good support, and is also constantly improving the application, making it even better.

If we want to create our own computer game, certainly we should try to build our own virtual world with GameMaker MIPS Edition. Using the application does not require advanced knowledge of programming and everyone, even a beginner, can handle all aspects of it. Certainly, the effects of the work will be satisfactory to anyone who uses GameMaker MIPS Edition, for both the game creators and for the person who will want to play our game.

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