Internet users very often search the web to find the files of interest or want to share with others their own files. That is why the various kinds of programs which allow us to exchange files are so popular.

And given the fact that users would rather prefer to use cheaper versions of these type of programs, it is not surprising that FileZilla remains the most popular among many others. The application provides an access to thousands FTP accounts located on servers.

Using FileZilla

The handling of the FileZilla reveals itself quickly to the user and is absolutely straightforward. Quick Connection Bar allows us to quickly connect to the server which has been used in the past. What’s more, searching for the new server is also very easy and makes no problems. Clear, readable interface not only makes working with the program very intuitive, but also can be customized to your personal requirements. Every overlapping window can be dragged or scaled freely to make the using of the program the most comfortable for us. Because this program is similar to other application of that sort, it is very user-friendly and easily accessible. Basically, what we are dealing with here, is two columns (server and local). Moreover, at the bottom of the screen we can see the information display window and the history of the commands can be found at the top of the screen. Besides, there are also standard menu bars along with the toolbar and the status bar. FileZilla can be used by Windows, Linux or Mac users without any problems, because all these operating systems comply with this application. This is also the feature which makes the program very attractive for its potential users. FileZilla supports FTP, SFTP and FTPS protocols.

Advantages of FileZilla

FileZilla has many advantages that encourage users to install it on their computers. Here are some examples of them:

  • well-prepared site manager
  • the possibility of „queuing” transferred and uploaded files
  • firewall support
  • transfer limit configuration
  • the ability to copy using „drag and drop” feature,
  • proxy support
  • encrypted connections support

However, the biggest advantage of this program is the fact that it is free of charge. Unlike other similar applications, we do not have to pay to be able to use it. And because FileZilla has practically everything you need to download and upload files, it simply makes no sense to overpay by buying other programs. Another very important benefit of this tool is that the user can pause or resume the connection with the server at any time.

To sum up, FileZilla is very attractive offer to anyone who wants to download or upload files located on the servers. It is extremely intuitive and easy to use, so even the users who are just starting their adventure with this kind of applications, can handle the using of it without any problems at all. Another very significant asset is the fact that it is a freeware program, so everybody can install it on the computer and try it. The producer is constantly introducing new facilities, so the application will surely become even better in the future.

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