Direct FTP

In the era of the Internet, people are increasingly exchanging all kinds of information, photos, files. That is why various types of computer programs that help in this sort of exchanges are becoming more and more popular. It is important to note that these applications are equipped with more and more functions.

As a result, they increasingly satisfy the requirements of users. One of such programs is Direct FTP. And although it appeared on the market relatively recently, it already managed to gain many satisfied customers.

Direct FTP overview

Direct FTP is extremely easy to use application, with very friendly interface and unusually simple operation. Therefore, it can be even used by those who are just starting their adventure with sending all kinds of files and documents. Comparing to other such applications, this program has similar „look”, which means that on the screen we can see two columns: one with the files from the server and second with the „local” files. Of course, while using the program there are various „menu bars”, which are there to assist us whenever needed. There are also many icons that help us to perform many tasks in a very intuitive way. To copy a file, we simply need to select it and then drag and drop. It makes very easy and extremely speeds up all the actions that we perform. Because the program includes many tools for creating collections on the Internet or local web, it is very handy to store our data there. Another helpful features are the text editor and an overview window, which edit files containing HTML or PHP code.

Advantages of Direct FTP

Certainly the great advantage of this program is its clarity and ease of use. You can even say that Direct FTP itself suggests a person who is using it, what to do to perform planned operation. What’s more, the „drag and drop” option is extremely important. Not only it saves us time, but makes the operation of the program easier. Very significant is also the text editor, which helps in the transmission of messages. What is equally important, the company offering this product on the market also offers constant support, so that all the problems and uncertainties can be explained very quickly. Of course, like most of the computer programs, it is constantly being improved and upgraded, so its functionality should definitely be convincing even to the greatest skeptics. Another important asset is that we can download the application without paying anything. Thanks to this, everyone can afford it.

Summing up, Direct FTP is an excellent alternative for those who are looking for a program to transfer files, documents etc. With a simple-to-use, friendly interface and also many possibilities, it is ideal for both the ones who are just starting their adventures with files exchange and for those who have been doing it for a long time now. And it is the very reason why it is installed on a growing number of computers.

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