CryEngine Free SDK

Regardless of age, we all like to play all sorts of video games. Importantly, computer games manufacturers offer us a lot of them, so everyone can find a suitable one. Sometimes however, we feel like something is missing in these computer games, and as a result we want to create our own game.

And just for such individuals CryEngine Free SDK program was created. It allows us to create our own world that perfectly reflects our visions about the game. The application was developed by Crytek company and immediately became a real hit.

Using CryEngine Free SDK

CryEngine Free SDK is an excellent tool, due to which we can achieve amazing effects. Thanks to the application, we can create 2D and 3D games, dedicated to XBOX 360, PlayStation 3 and also PC computers with Windows. The engine of the program has a very high efficiency and a very realistic light representation. All the work performed using CryEngine Free SDK is carried out in WYSIWYG mode. This means that anyone who makes any amendments, sees the results of them in the editor in real time. The construction of the individual elements of the world is performed using a very popular „pull-and-drop” method.

Pros and cons of CryEngine Free SDK

CryEngine Free SDK is one of the best such programs that have appeared on the market so far. It is characterized by unusual simplicity of use, and the final results of the work are extremely satisfactory. The application is dedicated for both the ones who are just starting to create their computer games and for those who are professionally involved in game creating. It is important that CryEngine Free SDK allows us to create both indoor and outdoor elements. Using the application, light can be represented in a very realistic way, which greatly improves the final results of work.

But the biggest advantage of the program is that it is possible to download it for free. As for the disadvantages, program takes a bit of disk space and to operate it a computer with a very good parameters is needed. If you want to use the program for commercial purposes, you must purchase a paid version. Full version should also be purchased by those who want to have more program options and possibilities.

If you dream of creating you own computer world, CryEngine Free SDK program would be an ideal tool for you. Using the application, you can create your own reality, and its effect will be remarkable. Both the people who use this program for the first time and those who work on it longer, will have a lot of fun while working. Everyone who has a great amount of imagination and who wants to try to create the computer games, should install CryEngine Free SDK on the computer, to be able to build an ideal computer game.

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