More and more people are searching the Internet to find the files that can be installed on their computers. Also, more and more people want to send their files, so that others could use them too.

That is the reason why all sorts of programs that enable such file exchange are gaining in popularity. One of such applications is CrossFTP, which will surely meet the expectations of all users.

Using CrossFTP

The CrossFTP program is certainly perfect for those who only just begin their file exchange „activities” and for those who have been performing these actions for a long time. And all thanks to a very friendly interface which guides users in their actions, from one step to another. While using the application, user can see a screen divided into four parts on which he can browse what is located on the server and also in local files. In addition, we can check the progress of sending and receiving files, documents or multimedia. An interesting fact is that users can set a special sound, which informs them of the completion of the process. Plus, the Internet and local file search can be very useful while using the program.

Advantages of CrossFTP

Since CrossFTP is so popular and downloaded so often, it certainly must have many advantages. And indeed it has. Let us present the few of them. For starters, the program is very user-friendly and can be used even by a beginner. Another asset is the ability to automatically restore connections. Due to this feature, you can go back at any time to sending or receiving files. Another important benefit is a file search engine, which allows you to quickly find what you need. What’s more, the application allows you to connect to multiple servers at the same time, and each session is displayed in a separate tab. There is also a special „drag and drop” feature, which is very handy during copying. We can also use the option to edit or view data, as well as the option to filter files – they are also very helpful. Nevertheless, probably the biggest plus for everyone is that you can have this program on your computer for free. Thanks to this, even less wealthy people can use it and easily exchange files.

In conclusion, surely CrossFTP application is extremely helpful and necessary for all those who want to share files, documents and multimedia with others. Simple operation, very friendly and simple interface even encourage users for action. And due to the fact that this program is free of charge, it is not surprising that it is so often installed on various types of computers. Especially given that fact that it can be installed on Windows, Mac and Linux system as well. What is very important, the company that developed the CrossFTP not only provides excellent support, but is also constantly trying to improve and upgrade it. As a result, we can always use their support, and also we can be sure that with each new version of this program it will be even better.

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