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Nowadays we have a lot of different kinds of storage media where we can store our files. The files usually include photos, graphic images or documents. However, for various reasons, these files might get damaged in different ways.

Nevertheless, it does not mean that we have lost them forever. For today we have a lot of programs which can help us with the recovery of our data from storage media. One of the most popular programs of this type is BadCopy Pro. Thanks to this tool, lost data will be recovered quickly and we will be able to continue using previously damaged media.

BadCopy Pro overview

BadCopy Pro application gives us the ability to recover lost data from CDs and DVDs, floppy disks, Zip drives, memory cards, USB flash drives and other media. Importantly, this program not only recovers the data, but also can fix them. Collections of all media that are formatted, damaged or unreadable can be repaired. The application interface is extremely intuitive and easy to use. It literally tells the users what to do to recover data.

The huge asset of the program is that with only few mouse clicks the process gets started. It is also significant that the application does not save recovered data on the destroyed media, but saves them in a new folder that is specified by the user. BadCopy Pro runs on Microsoft Windows. The program is available in many variants dependent on the number of users and their location. So there is a Site version dedicated for one location and a specific number of users and the Enterprise version, which does not limit users and has no restrictions regarding location.

Pros and cons of BadCopy Pro

Definitely, one of the biggest advantages of BadCopy Pro is simple operation. Those who are dealing with the program for the very first time, should have no problem with its usage. Issuing commands is very straightforward and basically you just have to follow your intuition to perform all the tasks. It is very important that the company that offers the program on the market, provides a very fast support, making it much easier to solve any problems.

The producer is constantly improving his tool, which also is a huge benefit. As for the flaws, it is the need of purchasing the license, which simply prevents the use of application. Many potential users may just not be able to afford this kind of purchase. Another disadvantage is also that the program cannot recover data from hard drives.

In a nutshell, we can say that the BadCopy Pro application is one of the best alternatives for those who tend to have problems with damaged media. It can help solve many problems, and more importantly, it can also repair damaged media. It is mainly the reason why this tool is so popular and is being purchased by computer users more and more often.

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