Ashampoo Photo Recovery

Modern technology allows you to capture images in a very easy way. And for that you do not even need a photo camera. Nowadays we can take pictures using our mobile phones or tablets. And as you can easily conjecture, a lot of people use this feature very often. After the photos are taken, they are either printed on a photographic paper or stored on the drives of our computers.

Both forms of photo storage have their pros and cons. Paper photo can be destroyed as well as a disk with photo files stored on it. And just in order to be able to recover photos from damaged disk, special computer program was created – Ashampoo Photo Recovery. This is another product made by very known company Ashampoo, which offers many different kinds of applications dedicated to computer users.

Using Ashampoo Photo Recovery

Ashampoo Photo Recovery allows for quick and, more importantly, advanced scanning of all kinds of storage media, which include drives, memory cards or USB flash drives. After searching, it allows us to recover photos that has been damaged or mistakenly lost. Ashampoo Photo Recovery application is very easy to use. It has only one main window from which you send all commands. Anyone using this program can choose between scanning the whole device or search for a specific file. You can narrow the search by selecting criteria of interest. This way you can search only large or small files, or files that have a specific resolution. Ashampoo Photo Recovery also provides the ability to search for files by extension. This way you can recover PNG, GIF, PDF, JPG or RAW files. Of course you can also search the entire disk to recover all the lost photos, but this can be very time-consuming. Besides, the program can also retrieve metadata. Ashampoo Photo Recovery application is available on Windows computers.

Pros and cons of Ashampoo Photo Recovery

By far the biggest advantage of Ashampoo Photo Recovery is an extraordinary simplicity of use. We do not have many options to choose from, but all the available ones are very clear and understandable for everyone. While using the program you can choose from many different language versions, which is a very nice feature for the users from abroad. Another huge asset is possibility to narrow the search to specific files. This significantly reduces the time of search and retrieval of photos. What’s more, Ashampoo Photo Recovery can be used for 40 days without any cost – this certainly is a big plus for many users. It is plenty of time for us to get to know the program, check its options and decide whether we need it or not. And if we do need it – it leads us to probably the only disadvantage of the program – the need of spending money if we want to use it for the longer time. A slight minus is also quite a long time that the application needs to scan the location where the files were saved. Nevertheless, Ashampoo Photo Recovery should get installed on the hard disk of our computers, especially if we take a lot of photos and then save them on our hard drives.

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