Advanced EFS Data Recovery

Many computer users try various ways to encrypt their computers in order to protect their files. The most popular application which ensures the encryption system is Encrypting File System (also called ESF). This system is available for Windows users.

It allows you to easily encrypt your files, so that no unauthorized person would be able to gain access to the information contained there. However, users of this system may have problems when a user account is accidentally removed or when the system crashes. In case we do not have appropriate keys, we’ll have difficulty in recovery of the data after system repair. And that is the reason why every computer user should have Advanced EFS Data Recovery installed on the computer. It allows for decryption of the protected files or folders.

Advanced EFS Data Recovery – detailed description

Advanced EFS Data Recovery is an application with a very friendly interface, which makes the usage very easy even for the ones who have never used this kind of tool before. In addition, the interface is available in two versions: one for beginners and one for those with advanced knowledge. Issuing commands is very simple and, what’s important, the tool itself as if directs you what the next step should be. This program supports the following encryption method: DESX, 3DE3, AES. The application also allows you to scan files or entire sectors searching for the encryption keys. Importantly, the tool also helps us with analyzing the data.

Pros and cons of Advanced EFS Data Recovery

Certainly, Advanced EFS Data Recovery is an interesting option for those who are worried about losing their encrypted data. The advantage of this program is very readable and user-friendly interface, which can also be set depending on the version we choose: a version for beginners and a version for advanced. It makes the operation very easy, especially for those who are just starting their adventure with this tool. Another big asset of Advanced EFS Data Recovery is the availability to create backup copies of keys which are essential for EFS and can be restored later if necessary. Drive scanning, as well as data restoring, performs rather quickly. The company which produced Advanced EFS Data Recovery also offers a free trial, for people who will buy license. Surely, the use of the applications is not encouraged by the fact that we have to pay for it. Also, a free trial does not provide a full use of the program, because it allows to recover only a small part of the data.

In summary, Advanced EFS Data Recovery application is one of the best programs of this type on the market. The tool allows to quickly perform data recovery with user-friendly and straightforward operation. Surely, this program should be on computers disks of all those who encrypt their files, but also fear that, as a result of various factors, may lose access to them.

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