Advanced Disc Recovery

While working on the computer, we permanently download or create new files, which are then saved on hard drives. Luckily, drive capacity is constantly increasing, so more and more data can be saved there. Unfortunately, it sometimes carries some risk, such as the possibility of losing data stored on the disks. It may happen due to disk failure or as a result of our mistake.

But this does not mean that in such cases we lose our data forever. There is a special program called Advanced Disc Recovery, which helps us in the recovery of lost data. The application allows you to recover data from both hard drives and portable drives and also from the optical drive (even using scratched discs).

Advanced Disc Recovery overview

Advanced Recovery Disc is intended to, firstly, scan your hard disk and secondly to restore all deleted files from it. The application has a very friendly interface that kind of tells us what to do. To begin the scanning and files recovery, you only need a few seconds and a few mouse clicks. There are two scanning modes at the user’s disposal. The first is a quick scan mode, during which the program identifies the deleted data using a file named Master File Table, which contains records and all information about our data. The second one is a full scan mode, which of course takes much longer to scan the entire contents of the hard disk, but at the same time it makes the file recovery much more effective. Because of its simplicity and ease of operation, the Advanced Recovery Disc can also be used by people who have never had to deal with this kind of programs before.

Pros and cons of Advanced Disc Recovery

Speaking of the advantages of the Advanced Disc Recovery, it is impossible not to mention its simplicity. Clear interface, large font and simple commands encourage to use the application. In addition, it doesn’t have many advanced options, so it makes the operation very easy. Another plus is the availability to choose from two different scanning modes. Thanks to this, we are able to quickly search the disk or search for the lost files more thoroughly. Anyone who is interested in this program has 15 days for free testing, so it is a chance to become acquainted with the possibilities of the program and it is very convenient to be able to try it for free. Certainly, the necessity of payment for the license of the application is a disadvantage. During the 15 day trial period, we have a chance to recover only 5 files, so it is also rather a flaw.

In conclusion, we can say that the Advanced Disc Recovery is a good alternative to other such programs, although it is not without flaws. However, the increasing number of sold licenses indicates that this application has a lot of interest among computer users who want to recover lost data stored on the disks.

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